Bathmate Hydromax (hydro x30)- water penis pump produced in UK. This device is intended for increase in your dick size. On our website you can find information about results before and after, read reviews. Here you'll receive the answer for "Does it really work?"

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Weight: 250g
Width: 24Ø min / 84Ø max
Length: 11.65 inch
Max girth: 1.88Ø inch
Max length: 8.26 inch
Max vacuum water: -0,40 bar
Max vacuum air: -0,17 bar
85Ø max
11.61 inch
1.81Ø inch
7.87 inch
-0,55 bar
-0,25 bar
24Ø min / 115Ø max
13.80 inch
2.56Ø inch
10.24 inch
-0,40 bar
-0,17 bar

Bathmate results

Today we will consider a problem which many men face worldwide including in the USA is a small size of a phallus. From the point of view of anatomy a small cock is what in a condition of an erection has the size less than 8 cm. It is considered an average penis size more than 8 cm to satisfy the woman. If you have such problem, and you consider the size of your willy abnormal, it is possible to consider some methods that to increase it. Today there is a set of techniques for increase, as well as commonly accepted, and exotic. What is Bath-mate hydro pump? This special device for stretching. These devices have different modifications and the principle of work. However, It should be noted that high-quality devices for this purpose exists not so much. We, for example, advise known Bathmate water penis pump from the European producer. This product is already a lot of years in the market and well proved. So there is no sense something else better to look for.

Bathmate before and after pictures

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Does Bathmate really work?

Yes it works. This is evidenced by numerous reviews of satisfied customers, which helped this device.

Does it really work?

How to get a bigger dick without pills and surgery?

How many wouldn't say to us women that the main thing not the size, but ability to use it, we understand that it is bald lie. They tell it only not to offend us, and think how to find the man with a big cock. Any normal man always feels when the woman isn't happy because of the size. The female vagina can be arranged under any size: both big and small. But, she derives more pleasure from a phallus of the big size, it is obvious. The vagina is capable to stretch to 20-23 cm in depth, and 6-8 cm in the diameter. As we see, to most of men is at what to aim. There are natural methods how to grow phallus and artificial, by means of Bath mate. Most of doctors will tell you that by natural methods it is impossible to get a bigger dick. However, it is one more lie. It is profitable to them to tell it. Because their earnings are to perform on you operation. Now we will describe that these sadists can make with your friend. They can begin to rock something under skin, some fat to make it thicker. They can deliver a special grid which will make your dick bigger in the weakened condition at the basis. But, all these methods require surgical intervention. Thus there is a probability to remain in general without your younger friend. These transactions on the danger can be compared to transactions on increase in a breast at women. Therefore, any normal man won't do it to himself. After all it is possible to use also other methods how to make your phallus grow. for example, use of the Bath-mate hydro pump device will please you with positive results soon. You are very quickly convinced that the bathmate results before and after obviously differs to the best.

Homemade penis pump with Bathmate Hydromax

After long studying of materials in the Internet, we came to a conclusion that there are some working techniques on natural homemade penis enlargement. This suspension of small freights, water pumps, exercise on extension, squeezing and others. All these methods have the general principle is to stretch the special bodies supporting sheaves to give on them loading. Big loading, certainly, will harmfully affect yours health. Therefore, it is necessary to approach carefully a choice of exercises and devices for grow a dick. Each person has features of a body therefore, the universal recipe doesn't exist. First of all, it is necessary to know how your body is arranged that correctly to influence it. The tunic gives to a prick the form and limits its expansion. The tunic consists of elastic connecting fabric. Further, we will consider the main methods of impact on a cock for its homemade enlargement.


External this process of Jelqing is similar to milking of a cow. Duration of these exercises shall constitute 20-30 minutes to reach visible effect. If your erection is very strong that it can negatively affect result and it is possible to be traumatized. There are 2 types of such exercises: dry and with special cream.

Vacuum male enhancement

Vacuum male enhancements are considered as quite good option too. They yield positive result. Good it is considered the device which doesn't disturb you when walking. Under their trousers it is practically not visible. At first it will be necessary to get used, and then it will be possible to carry this device constantly. It should be noted that for achievement of visible results it is necessary to adhere to the instruction to extender and to carry it about 4-6 hours a day. Doctors also recommend to carry out when using extender the pompe pecker procedure of 1 times in 3 days. Injections of special preparations under skin which significantly improve recovery of fabrics are in addition possible. All these procedures together allow to reach desirable result.

Is Bathmate a Scam?

Bathmate Review. Thanks, I received a Hydromax X40 quickly enough, I thought will go more long. I am engaged 3 days in the morning in a bathroom before work, then I go the whole day, and between feet the sledge hammer dangles. I think that the result will be as pressure is created very strong, the urologist advised to buy me for training at the vascular level. I thought to do operation on increase, but I read a heap of terrifying stories and I changed the mind, I will better use Hydromax X40 and I will achieve the same results. Alan

2.I think on 10sm hardly to you it will be possible to increase, but on 5sm - it is absolutely real, approximately in 12 months of regular trainings and exercises - jelqing. John

3.Yes really good thing. Before I used usual vacuum with a pear - not that absolutely, the member gets up quickly, but in few months I didn't notice effect. And here really cool! I am engaged in Hidro 2 weeks and cock became really thicker and longer, even the wife noticed a difference. We will work further, it is already pleasant to me! Steve

4.I bought this pomp, delivered in 3 weeks, thanks. Interested me because my brother for half a year increased by 4 centimeters in length and the member became very thick. Mark

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